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Digital Export, globalization, logistics, translations and web marketing. Plus, the support of a strong network of local professionals.

Land in Brazil through the web.

Our compass points overseas.

Get onboard and you won’t get lost or waste your time.

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Digital Export.

Our expertise is in digital export. The fastest route to get to new markets and win them over.

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A single contact point.

A guiding light to do business in Brazil, sailing in safe waters.

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Brazil is our home.

We know Brazil like the back of our hands. Not only do we speak the language, we understand its traditions, its way of life, and how all of this translates into your line of field.

Digital Export, to set sail with a tailwind.

Generate qualified contacts maximizing return on minimum investment.

For the Made in Italy that wants to go far, without even leaving the country. The ideal tool to pave new ways and grow in new markets.

An effective method enabling digital export that combines sound expertise on the web, export management, cultural mediation and copywriting by native speakers. You will find partners that are truly interested in your product or service and whom you will able to do business with; let your business take off in South America.

1 - Analyzing the scenario.

First, we always study the Project, the market, the active channels, the actions taken and the competitors. Based on the customer's specific export needs.

2 - Establishing the route.

We identify the target markets and the target audience. We seize the right opportunities to invest and take the best direction from there.

3 - Developing the strategy.

We devise a marketing and social media plan built upon a strategy that is entirely developed to streamline processes at an international level.

4 – We provide targeted tools.

We carry out web projects for export, with ad hoc content: Websites,landing pages, editorial plans of email marketing, social editorial plans, Google ADS and Linkedin ADS, e-commerce, online catalog and product sheet. Our extra gear is the deep knowledge of the cultural context of the destination.

The Studio Dibea method.

4 steps to land in Brazil surfing the web.

Turning the company into a global business: a step-by-step process.

Once engaged in the process of making your business global, we offer support that is tailored to the specific needs of your business.
Off or on site, through our network of Brazilian professionals.

  • Contextual analysis and outlining of strategic objectives.
  • Market research.
  • Analysis of the digital footprint.
  • Budgeting on human, financial and organizational resources.
  • International payment systems.
  • Facilitated finance for internationalization. Accounting made easier to go global.
  • Legal, accounting and tax consulting and assistance.
  • Drafting of international agreements, privacy.
  • Customs and transport assistance in international operations.
  • Identification of target markets and target audiences.
  • International business plan.
  • Assistance in logistics management.
  • Set up of B2B and B2C marketplace to sell abroad.
  • Cultural mediation and guidance on standard local business practices.
  • Customer service on site.
  • Translations and interpreting.
  • Promoting brand awareness and specialized trade fairs.

Find new partners in Brazil via digital export.

We help you defining your destination and charting the best course to get there. The fastest and most effective way to enter the Brazilian market.

Brazil, a new world.

  • Italy-Brazil
  • Investment sectors
  • Growth trend


Two partners with solid historical and cultural ties. One offers its products and services well- appreciated all over the world, the other its infinite space of opportunities

This is a tremendous opportunity for both countries as there could be no better time to invest.


Economy of the Mercosur

The largest market in Latin America.


In terms of social media users,

After the USA and China.


Destination for foreign investments

Thanks to the advantageous exchange agreements.


By population

208 million people.


Brazil is a vast, multi-faceted market with a wide range of economic sectors and unexplored opportunities. Strong domestic demand for agricultural services, goods and products. Especially niche ones, given the high purchasing power of part of the population.

These are the main investment sectors in recent years.



The contribution to global food production estimated up to 2050.



Airports destined to the private sector.


Oil and gas

Oil supplier in Latin America.


Renewable energies

The production of electric energy from renewable sources.


As of today, Italy is Brazil’s 7th supplier and the 1st place in investments amongst the countries that have signed the Memorandum of Understanding for the facilitation of investments (USA, China, Japan and France). On a business level, trade between the two countries has been expanding in the last few years.


Headquarters of Italian companies in Brazil.


Italian exports of textile products.


Electrical equipment.


Metallurgical products.

Four Brazilian professionals,
your ticket to Brazil.

To fully exploit all the potential of the Brazilian market you need someone who knows it thoroughly and can guide you through it. In this way, you don't risk wasting time or worse, your investment. Studio Dibea knows how to maneuver its way through the challenges and opportunities of this large expanding market. Its task is to get the best results, those that are indeed useful to your export business.


Silvana Oliveira

Logistics, Internationalization and Digital Export Manager


Carolina Prates

Portuguese mother tongue translator, interpreter and copywriter


Gualter Atanasio

Digital Marketing Manager


Alessandra Teles

Commercial Manager

Studio Dibea is a partner of:

ICC Italia

ICC Italia

The International Chamber of Commerce.



The international association that represents the different operators in the field of export management and international trade.

PMEI Brazil

PMEI Brazil

Consulting firm for small businesses and freelancers.



The Brazilian Association of Consultants.

Studio Dibea

Our clients include

B2B companies, professionals and Italian bodies that want to sell their product or service in Brazil.

For each of them we develop a customized strategy, tailored to the customer and the market.

  • Business consultants
  • Export manager
  • Commercial managers
  • Commercial directors
  • SMEs
  • Freelancers
  • Institutions and Universities
  • Accountants and lawyers